Quotes About Life – Words of Wisdom

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. A man’s thoughts are the most powerful force that direct his life. The circumstances that you go through may not influence your life as much as what you think about them. Some people might go through very trying periods in their lives and still come out smiling. Others might have a relatively superior life and still be down in the dumps in their spirit. What we think is more important than what we go through.

If our thoughts are so important in directing our lives, we need to pay more attention to thinking the right thoughts. But we need to understand that what comes out of our mind depends on what goes in there in the first place. Our eyes and our ears are the gateways to our mind. If what we read and listen to, are positive and uplifting, our hearts would be filled with constructive thoughts. On the other hand, if we feed our minds with depressing and negative ideas, that is what our thoughts would turn out to be too.

It is therefore very important to feed our minds with positive ideas. Quotes about life from great people can be a good source of inspiration to one’s soul. Filling our minds with wisdom and insight from people who have gone through life before us can be an extremely worthwhile investment. Great personalities who have years of experience behind them have left behind quotes about life that could be of tremendous value, if we pay heed to them.

Knowledge is the accumulation of facts, whereas wisdom is the ability to apply that knowledge to real life situations. Philosophers and the great men and women of old have given us words of wisdom that we can use to handle life’s challenges that confront us. Their quotes about life can educate, motivate and equip us to live our lives successfully.

All of us need motivation. When we face tough situations in life, we can get discouraged quite easily. But as the saying goes, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. It is possible to get tough on the inside by receiving motivation from great minds.

Just as a person who has traveled before of us on the highway can inform us about road blocks or traffic diversions ahead, people who have traveled through life before us have left us with words of wisdom that can help us live our lives successfully.

Quotes About Success at Work – How Can They Improve The Productivity of a Company?

Human beings, in general, are always in need of a spark to help motivate and inspire us. We need something that will trigger the energy within us to perform a certain task. Lacking that spark may cause delay or failure to do our tasks well. We always need something that will push us, to initially act, and then sustain it towards the end. In the work place, this is where quotes about success come in handy. These were uttered by personalities who have redefined success by what they have achieved in their life. Their words become a source of inspiration and encourage us to strive hard and do well in our endeavors whatever we are doing. This is why it is very important for companies to encourage their employees to be the best they can be by using quotations that inspire.

Quotes can improve the productivity of a company in many ways. They can serve many different purposes, such as:

Help us Foster a Positive Attitude

A dose of quotes about success in the morning can jumpstart a productive day at work. They are commonly entertaining and at the same time inspiring, leading us to look forward to an interesting day ahead. For example, consider the following quote by Marshall McLuhan: “I don’t know who first discovered water but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a fish.” Words simply put like this, tickles our sense of humor and at the same time make us realize the bright side, that indeed we are capable of learning to do new things thus improving our skills. Working then becomes an educational experience that we relish.

Remind Us of Important Guiding Principles

“Service is to take care of the customer the way that the customer wants to be taken care of,” said Horst Schulz of Ritz Carlton. Quotes similar to this serve as a reference as well as a constant reminder of what a certain institution we belong to demands from us. They help in making us aware of the code of action for a certain field of work.

Stimulate Critical Thinking

Some quotes are composed in a catchy way and are meant to be intriguing. They can actually wake us up and make our brains work. Then we get to figure out what the author is trying to impart and we get motivated by his witty words. In the work place they can generate a lively environment. The humor in the quote makes it more interesting. For example, “If everyone agrees with you they probably don’t mean it.” – Anonymous

Quotes about success can be posted on walls, on boards, on the start-up screen of computer monitors, or even better, compiled in books and given to employees. They can be mentioned during meetings or toasts. By generating positivity, serving as reminders, stimulating minds, they can surely improve the productivity of a company; making success inevitable at work.

Cut Down on Insurance Costs – Use Multiple Quote Comparison Sites to Cut Out the Middlemen

Have you ever wondered why insurance agents are called so? They do not have any insurance policy of their own to sell. Rather, they work on behalf of different insurance companies that appoint them specifically for the task of marketing their services. Using a middleman in this task was very beneficial until the World Wide Web came along. Today, there’s no need for you to make use of insurance agents. Rather, you can use multiple quote comparison web sites to get the best deals without any problems.

One of the biggest complains that people have against insurance agent is that they often know more about the field than their customers. Ideally, they should educate their customers and instill the confidence necessary for them to take an informed decision. However, it so happens that the agent uses his or her superior position to instruct the customer to take decisions profitable for the agents. Since the remuneration of the agent is connected with the conclusion of the deal, there always a question of whether advice received from the agent is completely free of bias or not.

Further, different agents have different working styles. Some may focus on providing holistic service while others may simply view you as possible sources of income. There are many individuals who have not receiving the attention required just because they opted for inexpensive plans offering low coverage and low income to the agent.

If you make use of multiple quote comparison web sites, you can cut through the middleman and get in touch with the insurance companies directly. This helps you deal with agents better. There’s no denying that contacting agents still has its benefits. However, you should not do so directly. Rather, you should obtain quotes from different insurers on the World Wide Web and then approach agents so that you can bargain from a position of strength.

There are many agents who will avoid dealing with an informed and educated customer. On the other hand, there are some who will recognize that the customer is proactive and will change their working style accordingly. This is another advantage of using comparison web sites when searching for insurance deals.

A Scary Article About Our Country’s Math Skills

I read a shocking article on CNN today about the poor ability that most people have when it comes to basic math skills. A variety of statistics were quoted about how few people could figure out a simple weekly paycheck, how our teachers are qualified without passing a single math question, how most people can’t figure out the amount to tip a waitress, and how we lack the basic skills to handle everyday finances. Obviously not everyone has these math problems but there are shocking number of people who have real trouble.

The one that struck me was the stat saying that 20 million people get help filling out their 1040EZ form at tax time, the simple one with only 10 questions. I was so surprised I read that stat aloud to my co-workers and to my shock, one of them admitted that he, too, got help with his 1040EZ. While I felt bad about his situation, I was also amazed. That form is the equivalent of a 4th grade math problem, where you fill in the blanks, add up a couple of numbers and then sign your name. But apparently some people are so confused by numbers (or perhaps just fear) that they can’t figure it out.

Being afraid of the form is different from an inability to do it. I am more concerned about those who are unable to figure out the form. That is a sign that our country’s school systems are failing millions of people. These basic financial skills should be taught at an early age, we should not be afraid to balance our checkbooks, fill out the simple forms, or calculate a tip. We cannot escape the need for basic math skills and with each passing year the requirements increase. Parents should be teaching their children at home as well as the education they get at school. If the parents don’t know they should find someone to help them. As a collective group we need to get better so we can keep ourselves out of the next global recession.

Basics in Forex Trading Education

Educating yourself about forex trading can earn you lot of money. You can avoid the fees and time that you are sacrificing in other investments. You may be wondering why you have to opt for forex trade only when there are options such as bonds, real estate, stocks etc. It is important for you to know that the benefits of forex trading outsmart the other trading options. Beginning to educate yourself in forex can transform your financial future.

Previously, only multinational companies, large banks, investors who could invest millions were the ones who used to reap the benefits of forex trades. They were called the “big boys”. But now every individual can trade in forex market. You can open an account in any of the forex trading sites that are available online and start the trading. There are also some sites which offer free forex trading education.

Basics of Forex Trading Education:

– Trading is done in pairs of currencies like US dollars/Euro.
– Changing bear or bull markets does not affect the forex market.
– The forex trade is based on the values of currencies in relation to one another.
– The currency values keep on changing.
– The quotes are always quoted in percentage in points. The currency having a higher quote is strong as compared to the one having lower quote.
– Placing a trade in forex market means purchase of one currency and sale of another. This is however, determined by certain factors like economic stability, interest rates, country’s trade status and the political stability.
– The major currencies that are traded in the forex market are the Euro, U.S. dollar, British pound, Yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and the Swiss franc.
– Paper trade is a good option for the beginners of forex trade education. You can analyze the real time results affecting your financial stability.
– There are sites which offer “practice trade” before you invest real money.

Benefits of trading Forex are:

– Timely trading
– Low transaction cost
– No effects of other trade on forex trade

Begin your forex trading education and reap the maximum benefits from forex trade.