How to Find the Best Auto Insurance Quote Online

Automobile insurance costs have been increasing, partly as a response to the economy.Whenever you find browsing for automobile insurance quotes a bit overpowering, realize that you are not alone. Automobile insurance quotes can vary significantly among insurers by hundreds of dollars per year, so it’s important to consider the kind of automobile insurance you need. In an ideal situation, locating insurance quotes online is simple, but locating the least expensive autox insurance quote rate can be a lot more of a challenge.

Most major automobile insurance companies have their own website where individuals can very easily get their automobile insurance quotes. Many people never bother to compare insurance quotes online, and yet, the online insurance quote business is so competitive that by shopping around, you could save hundreds of dollars. Individuals who are considered a “high risk” for insurance coverage usually pay top dollar, but deals can still be found, even for the highest risk driver. Depending on the insurance company, you can frequently decrease your insurance rate as much as 50%..

Rates and insurance policy choices (and their availability) are different according to each state’s regulations. As states are reevaluated periodically, their position can change and you may unexpectedly find yourself residing in a higher risk, more expensive area, and your insurer’s rates may not be enough to cover losses. How do you qualify for lower insurance rates? Driving less as well as not using your vehicle for business purposes will keep auto insurance rates lower when applying for insurance quotes. Additional factors affecting state insurance rates include time and efficiency of police response and the quality of local law enforcement, roads, daily traffic conditions and the quality of local emergency medical services.

Being classified as a high risk driver almost always translates into a higher insurance premium. There are steps you can take to assure the insurance company that you have taken steps to decreasing their risk if they insure your automobile. An insurance company will view driver educational classes as a benefit to them (and you), because they believe that you will have learned why certain driving behaviors are risky and how to avoid being a high risk driver. Taking a driver’s education course can decrease your insurance premium by as much as five percent. Some insurance companies take into consideration the credit rating of the consumer in determining the amount of risk that they pose to the insurance company. Insurance companies will require some personal information in order to determine your insurance risk and provide an accurate quote.If you do find yourself in the assigned risk residual category, your price may be higher but it may be your only choice in maintaining your ability to drive.

Automobile insurance quotes online provide options to you, the potential policyholder to make an informed decision about the best rates and coverage available for you. Thanks to a competitive market, many websites offer instant automobile insurance quotes that can fit your budget with no obligation to buy. There are some things that are within your control that can contribute to the automobile insurance quotes that you get, so come armed with basic information about you and your driving habits. Before purchasing a policy, request automobile insurance quotes online in order to understand policies, terms and coverage limitations, so that the choice you make provides the best rate for you.

Quest For the Best Insurance Quotes

By taking the time to shop around for the best insurance quotes on the market, you are simply starting the process of finding the best solution for your insurance needs. Ever changing social and economic conditions forces us to insure our hard earned and valuable possessions, but we should not have to pay more than necessary. Ensuring that you and your family’s way of life is insured against life’s unforeseen circumstances is probably one of the most important steps you can perform to insure your quality of life. You will have to find an insurance policy that offers more than merely the minimum amount of cover if you want to receive the most benefit out of your policy.

You will have to investigate various insurance offerings and ensure that you are dealing with a company that has your true interest at heart. A step in the right direction is finding insurance companies which offer value added services and go beyond what is expected of them to meet your needs.| As a first step to finding the best insurance solution for your needs, you will need to take the time to shop around for the best insurance quotes on the market. The need for adequate insurance in an increasingly challenging economic and social landscape forces us to take out an insurance policy, but that does not mean that we need to pay more than necessary.

By making sure that your family’s quality of life is guaranteed not to be impacted negatively should the unthinkable happen is the responsible thing to do. In order to do this, you will need to find an insurance policy which offers more than the bare minimum amount of cover and protection if you want to receive the optimum amount of value out of your policy. Take the time to investigate various products on the market, and make very sure that you are dealing with companies that truly has your best interest at heart. One way of doing this is by finding insurance companies which go beyond what is expected of them, and who offers value added services along with their policies.

When looking for insurance quotes for medical aids, you need to be realistic about what your family’s needs are. Medical aids are great for offering families and individuals the opportunity to receive the medical care they need. This form of insurance will save the insured thousands of rands in medical fees and expenses in the long run. It is important to realize that when searching for health or medical aid insurance quotes that simply opting for the cheapest quote available might not be the best option for you or your family. You should compare and research numerous quotes from different companies in the interest of being able to make well informed and educated decisions in terms of which insurance quotes you will pursue.|

When browsing the market for medical aid insurance quotes, you need to realistically identify the needs of your family. This type of insurance has the potential to save you thousands of rands in medical expenses and fees in the future. You should accept that when searching for medical aid insurance quotes that the cheapest option might not be the best option for your family. Research and compare various quotes from different to make sure you are able to make a well informed and educated decision regarding which insurance quotes to pursue.

You should take into account the level and history of customer service afforded from any company you intend to do business with. This is an important and inseparable aspect to any insurance company as it speaks to the service you will receive from them when you really need them to live up to their promises. Find out as much as you can about the insurance company’s claims procedure and payout history in an effort to prepare yourself by knowing what you’ll be up against should the day arrive where you will need to claim against your policy. Ascertain if there are any hidden or undisclosed costs involved, and what they are. Ask about the excesses payable by yourself, and if there will be any additional excesses if you claim within the first year of the policy, or if you were to be involved in an accident after 10 pm.

By taking the time to consider these and other insurance pitfalls you will be saving yourself from potential financial devastation.| An important aspect to consider of any prospective insurance company you intend to do business with is to rate their level of customer service. This crucially important aspect will determine what type of service you will receive and the treatment you are in for when you need to rely on your insurance company to live up to their promises. Find out all the information you can about the company’s claim procedure and payout turnover time in the interest of preparing yourself for the day you will need to lodge a claim.

Find out if there are any hidden costs involved, and if so, what they are. Ascertain which excesses are payable by yourself should you claim against the policy. Find out about any extra fees that are payable should you claim within the first year of the policy, or even if you were to be involved in an accident after 10 ‘o clock at night. You should take the time to consider such insurance pitfalls as you will in effect be saving yourself from potential financial devastation.

When searching for vehicle insurance quotes in South Africa, it’s important to realize that driving on South Africa’s roads without insurance is an unmanageable risk. That is why you will easily be able to find many companies who offer various vehicle insurance solutions. You should take the time to sift through various quotes in order to ensure you receive the best product available on the market.| Driving on South African roads without being adequately insured is an unmanageable risk. That is why you will find many companies offering numerous insurance quotes and solutions. Sift through each quote thoroughly in order to ensure you decide on the best product out there for you.

Education or Experience – What’s More Important?

If you were a recruiter given a choice between two candidates-one with a few years of industry experience and the other with excellent qualifications but no “real world” training-who would you choose?

There’s no easy answer to this question, as there is no clear winner in the age-old debate on the importance of education vs. the value of experience. With one random search on the Internet, you’ll find tons of people sitting on both sides of the fence. Pages and pages have been dedicated to the debate, but it seems far from being settled.

Those who think education has little bearing on success never tire of throwing out the names of famous university dropouts like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to win their argument, while the proponents of a college education quote statistic after statistic to prove its impact on a person’s employability and earnings.

Education or Experience

So what’s more important-education or experience? The truth is that both have a place in a person’s career trajectory.

While someone with experience but no formal degree may be favored for certain jobs, he or she may find himself or herself reaching a saturation point in his or her career earlier and may struggle to advance professionally because the person is not considered adequately qualified. On the other hand, a college grad with the best education and book smarts may be completely at sea when it comes to dealing with real-world work situations if the graduate has no prior industry experience.

The truth of the matter is that it’s not so much about education vs. experience, but education and experience. They’re not mutually exclusive, but actually go hand-in-hand in charting out a person’s career growth.

The corporate landscape is getting more and more competitive with each passing day. Employers neither have the money nor the willingness to make huge investments in developing raw talent. They are more interested in acquiring talented candidates with demonstrated ability, and they look for a complete package at the time of hiring. That’s why someone who has solid educational credentials as well as real-world experience stands a better chance of making the cut.

Why is Education Important?

Companies are not just hiring with the aim to fill the current position, but have an eye on the future. If you have not already demonstrated that you have the potential to grow with a job, they may very well pass you up for another candidate who has shown that promise.

Having completed undergraduate degree program can demonstrate to them certain qualities in you. A college grad, for an employer, is often a person who has a proven academic record, has mastered complex subject matter, has the ability to think analytically and logically, and has been exposed to an intellectually stimulating environment.

In short, they see a person who has demonstrated that he or she can rise up the ranks and can be trusted with more responsible roles, rather than someone who can only perform tasks the person’s familiar with.

Make no mistake-just having a resume embellished with fancy undergraduate or graduate degree programs will not do the trick. Your employers expect you to bring to the table everything you have learned as part of your education and apply your skills and knowledge to solving real-world work problems.

How Do I Gain Experience?

As already mentioned, employers are looking for a perfect blend of experience and education in their employees. But the process of gaining experience has to start somewhere.

As a fresh graduate playing the field, you can wait for someone to give you that first break-or you can work toward getting your hands dirty with some real-world experience before you ever finish your formal education.

There are several ways of doing it: internships, co-operative work placements, industrial trainings, apprenticeships, freelancing, and more. Some academic programs have a mandatory practical training requirement, while others may need you to take the initiative.

With the right combination of a successful academic career and relevant experience in your field, you could be giving yourself a leg up against the competition.

Why Get an Auto Loan Quote Before Visiting the Dealer?

Would you go to the grocer without money and coupons in your pockets? Neither would I. But that’s what most people do when they go to the dealership to purchase a vehicle!

Let’s continue to use the grocery store analogy for a moment. You’ve filled your cart, you’re at the check out and your bill comes to a whopping $400 dollars. But, ah ha! You realized that you have coupons that you clipped totaling 25% in savings. That’s $100 off your bill! But here’s the catch. You left the coupons on the kitchen table. Do you think the check out person is going to trust you to go home and bring back the $100 dollars in coupons? You know the answer.

So why would anyone go into a dealership to buy a car without their coupons? And we’re not talking $400 dollars. We could be talking about $4,000.00 to $40,000.00 thousand dollars depending on the vehicle. But the reality is that most people put more planning into going to the grocery store!

Before you make your next vehicle purchase make sure that you have all your coupons. And by coupons I mean know your interest rate and the amount of months to pay back your loan. Knowing these two things can save you over $4,000.00 on a 48 month auto. Here’s how:

Two people go into the same dealership to purchase a $20,000 vehicle using the same buying terms EXCEPT the interest rates are different.

Buyer 1 comes in pre-qualified for a 4% rate, puts $1,000 dollars down and has a 48 month payment of $429. She pays a total of $20,592 for a 48 month loan.

Buyer 2 comes in submits an application at the dealership, he puts $1,000 dollars down and has a 48 month payment of $528.78. He pays a total of $25,381.44 for a 48 month loan. His interest rate is a whopping 15%! And he paid $4,789.00 dollars more for the exact same vehicle!

This happens everyday at dealerships across the nation. Now granted, interest rate is based upon credit. So the person that pays 15% may be getting the best rate based upon his or her credit and other factors. But wouldn’t you like to know that before entering a dealership?

All dealerships are in business to make money or they would be quickly out of business. Dealerships also deal with the educated and uneducated consumer. Take a guess on who they make the most money from? So, which consumer do you want to be?

So what’s the difference between the educated and the uneducated consumer? Simple, the educated consumer gathers their facts and figures before coming into the dealership. The days of driving from dealership to dealership are quickly fading. Educated consumers are time challenged and looking for convenient – One stop shopping.

So how do you become the educated? Get the dealerships to send you quotes by email, compare them and make them an offer. They are in business to sell autos!

Here’s the 4 step plan:

1.) Submit your online application ONCE and get quotes from 5 different dealers (Convenience).

2.) Compare offers from the competing dealerships.

3.) Make your offer.

4.) Pick up your vehicle!

That’s it!

The Education Enigma

Title: The Education Enigma
Author: Bruce Deitrick Price
Publisher: Word-Wise Publishing
ISBN: 1-4392-3035-8
ISBN-13: 978-1439230350

The Education Enigma is a book of essays pertaining to America’s education system. The question Price poses is: What Happened to American Education? Price proclaims, “The simultaneous decline of American education and the language used by America’s educators is a historical fact.” Over the years I have done some research on this topic, in particular through editing and proofreading of college papers. I found this book very interesting and agree with much of what Price states.

The main crux of Price’s essays deal with the failure of our teaching methods to actually teach children to read. He explains the difference between teaching children to read using whole word strategy and phonics, favoring phonics. According to Price, “When we examine education throughout the 20th century, we see a puzzling array of unproductive ideas. But no failure is as primal and destructive as the inability of American public schools to teach reading-the one essential skill.”

Through his essays Price also touches on the subjects of math, history, science and art. In addition, he provides a history of the American education system along with its downward turn referring to it as the “dumbing down” of America. From John Dewey to Maria Montessori to Rudolf Flesch to Gilbert Highet, Price explains their philosophies and the affects on this country’s education system. He concludes, specifically in regard to Dewey and his followers, “Make no mistake, this was a secret conspiracy.”

Along with this Price argues an excellent point that I always disagreed with: children need to memorize facts and figures even if they can look the answers up, whether in a book or online. I always believed that as long as children were taught where and how to look up answers there is no need for state tests that cause stress for many of our children from fourth grade up. His comment toward this kind of theorizing is: “But will they? No, people usually muddle through with what they actually know in their heads.” I do tend to agree with this point even though I still feel there is too much emphasis placed on state tests.

The Education Enigma is full of information and history pertaining to the American education system. Through some of the titles of his essays it’s easy to see that Price has a sense of humor: Jay Leno: Educator of the Year; Phooey on John Dewey; and Educators are Best Understood as “Ignorance Engineers.”

It is important to mention that Price is not hurling these jabs pertaining to the ineffectiveness of the school system at the teachers in the trenches. It is aimed at those in control of creating and enforcing inadequate teaching strategies. In Price’s words, “When I speak of “educators,” I never mean teachers. I mean that small group of managers at the top, with Ph.D.’s, who effectively control the public schools.”

A final quote from this book that I especially liked: “…Another famous government report, A Nation at Risk (1983) concluded that our public schools seem to have been created by an enemy power. Exactly. An enemy that would want Americans to read feebly and count inaccurately.”

About the author: Bruce Deitrick Price is a novelist, painter, poet and education activist. He graduated from Norfolk Academy and Princeton (with Honors in English Literature). Throughout his career, Price was writing about education. Aside from the arts, his main passion is Price is a member of PEN and Mensa.